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As we prepare to switch software platforms from MyData to EnergyCAP®, we need you to complete the Share Forward process within ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager™ by Aug. 12, 2022. Please provide your current email address under “Edit Profile” to ensure you receive our platform updates. Click here to download the FAQ to access the Share Forward steps.

From Aug. 17 to 22, you will not be able to log in to your existing account or register for a new account, as we will be implementing system changes for the new EnergyCAP tool. As of Aug. 17, MyData and MyDataManager will sunset and be permanently replaced by EnergyCAP. For any urgent data needs, contact us at

On August 23, the EnergyCAP tool and its website will be live.
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MyData is a free web-based tool offered by PSE that allows building owners, managers and operators to track and assess energy consumption of their buildings. By registering your property, you will be a part of what is becoming an industry standard and will receive quick and accurate data on a monthly basis for your entire building. This tool will enable you to comply with state regulations including required reporting in the City of Seattle via Energy Star Portfolio Manager.
IMPORTANT - Users who wish to report their energy usage data through Energy Star Portfolio Manager must have a Portfolio Manager account set up before registering in MyData.
  • If you have not set up your PM account yet, go to the Energy Star website to register and follow instructions in the City of Seattle’s How To Guide. To find the guide, go to the City's How to Comply page, and locate the How To Guide link under the heading First Time Reporting?.
  • If you have an existing PM account, on the same How to Comply page, locate Enroll in PSE MyData under the heading Updating a Building that Reported Last Year? and follow the instructions there. This tells you how to reauthorize and reconnect with PSE before registering in MyData.
To help you obtain your building’s energy usage data from PSE, please follow the instructions provided in the MyData User Guide.